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Rock ‘n’ Roll Theme


I want to try a rock ‘n’ roll theme running through the house (my wife isn’t all that excited about this idea — wait ’til she hears about the monster theme…).

The challenge will be avoiding something that’s overbearing while still having some visual impact moving from room to room.

It should be a fun challenge.

I’d like to incorporate some of the following musicians and bands:

The Julie Ruin
The Rolling Stones
Prince & Tom Petty
The Afghan Whigs
The Pixies
Valerie June
PJ Harvey
The Doors
The Kills
The Who
The Pretenders
The Clash
The I Don’t Cares
Best Coast
Van Halen
Mark Lanegan
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Art of Noise

Ok, that last one was mostly a joke. I remember when the video first came out and hating it, but then eventually being mesmerized by it — like a dog that’s so ugly it’s cute. If you made it to the end of the video without turning it off, good luck keeping the tune out of your head now. You’re welcome.

In our last house, we used one bedroom as an office. We did a “British” theme that included a mural of the Union Jack…


… so The Who may not make the cut this time (that mural took three days and a lot of blue painter’s tape — not to mention a whole lot of cussing).

I would like to do a mural in the new house, but still working on what it will be.

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